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The 3 Keys to Never Diet Again

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About Claire & Nutritional Freedom

Hey I’m Claire!  

I'm the dietitian and founder of Nutritional Freedom. We lead nutrition and mindset coaching programs designed to help women create a sustainable approach to nutrition without diets.

Today I'm all about balancing my veggie-heavy approach to nutrition with my love of burgers, dark chocolate, and red wine. But I wasn’t always this way…  

I dieted for over a decade. I counted calories, tracked macros, logged Points, punished myself with exercise, the works. I’d try just about anything if I thought it would help me lose weight. 

I eventually reached my goal weight... And I still wasn’t happy. I finally realized that I couldn't hate myself thin or happy.

Through this shift, I learned that health fueled by self-care feels so much better than forcing myself to diet and exercise from a place of self-loathing. And I saw how healing my relationship with food and my body had a positive ripple effect throughout the rest of my life.

I hope to help you find your own nutritional freedom too.