Easiest. Meal Prep. Ever.

Say goodbye to grilled chicken & steamed broccoli on endless repeat. This is your cheat code for putting together a variety of healthy, delicious meals.

I created this meal prep methodology during my own journey to food freedom. I needed a framework for crafting delicious, healthy meals that filled me up and excited me each day. The solution? Component meal prep. 

This is the exact method we teach our Nutritional Freedom clients and now you can get in on it too. Component meal prep is not a rigid meal plan. It's a flexible template that allows you to create an endless variety of healthy meals each week.

  • Eat well: Dietitian-recommended meal templates  
  • Save time: Eliminate recipe research, speed up shopping & cook time  
  • Have fun: Eat all week without boredom  


More about me:

I’m a registered dietitian who’s all about balancing my real food, veggie-heavy approach to nutrition with my love of burgers, dark chocolate, and red wine. But I wasn’t always this way…  

I spent the decade between ages 13 and 23 on a diet. I counted calories, tracked macros, logged Points, punished myself through exercise, the works. I’d try just about anything if I thought it would help me lose weight.  

Eventually, I reached my goal weight and guess what? I still wasn’t happy.

I decided it was time to do something different. I stopped dieting and started to prioritize my mental health as much as my physical wellbeing.  

Through this shift, I learned that: 

  • Health fueled by self-care > Diet & exercise fueled by self-loathing
  • Self-respect is at the root of self-confidence
  • Healing my relationship with food had an incredible ripple effect hroughout the rest of my life– my career, my social life, and my romantic relationships.  

I founded Nutritional Freedom to help other women experience this same evolution in how they view not only their health, but also themselves.

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