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When social distancing and self-quarantining first went into play, you were a liiittle bit all over the place...

In some moments, you enjoyed the slower pace and work from home freedom. And in others, you toggled between anxiety, overwhelm, and an utter lack of motivation.

Things like meal planning, exercise, drinking water, journaling and getting good were so far down your priority list. After all, you just wanted to get through these few weeks and get back to normal.

Well, that was over a month ago... 

Now that this whole “living, working, and doing everything from home” thing is your new normal for the foreseeable, you recognize it’s time to reinstate healthy habits and self-care routines that will help you make the most of the circumstances.

And you know that the same tips, tricks, hacks, and habits that may have for you B.C. (before Corona) probably won’t work for you now.

So it’s time to redefine your approach to health in a way that makes the most of the cards you’ve been dealt, because you deserve to:

  • Create flexible, sustainable habits & routines that last for life.

Think about it: If you can adapt now… If you can implement practical strategies for your health with all of today’s constraints and changing circumstances, then come A.C. (after Corona), you’re golden.

  • Feel better in your brain and your body.

Learning to work with your emotions instead of against them by taking good care of your mental, emotional, and physical health creates a virtuous cycle: The more you care for yourself, the better you feel, the more you care for yourself.

  • Make yourself proud.

Though it may feel like it, your life is not on pause. Investing the time and energy into prioritizing your health holistically will allow you to emerge on the other side of all this knowing that you had your own back in a powerful way. And that, my friend, pays back in dividends.

But maybe you've been trying already.

Every Sunday night, you swear off sugar for the week… Or at least until you find yourself eating ice cream straight out of the pint while watching the latest news briefing.

You’ve got a 4-week meal plan from Pinterest stuck to the fridge… Now it mocks you every time you open it to grab another snack.

You stopped working from your kitchen table to be further from the pantry, only to find yourself grazing after dinner.

You even bought a set of adjustable dumbbells on Amazon, but they haven’t yet left the box.

So what gives?
Why isn’t any of this working?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas...

1. Your systems and strategies aren’t flexible enough for the matter at hand.

That meal plan printout is cute and offers you the simplicity that you so deeply desire during these chaotic times…

But what happens when you can’t get your hands on chicken breast at the grocery store? Or when the thought of brown rice brings no satisfaction at all? This often sets you up for the whole, “Well, if I can’t do it perfectly, I might as well not do it at all…” thing.

What if instead of seeking simple solutions for “what” to do with your health habits, you learned flexible frameworks for the “how?” (You know, the whole “teach a woman to fish” thing…)

2. You’re relying on motivation and willpower.

Motivation and willpower are great… When they decide to show up. But your mental, emotional, and physical health are far too important to be reliant on these flaky, fleeting feelings… Especially during times like this.

Plus, the truth is, when your healthy habits are on autopilot thanks to flexible routines that actually work for you, these two unreliable characters need not apply.

3. You’re changing behaviors without addressing any of the underlying thoughts & feelings.

Quick fixes like that “no sugar” rule can feel foolproof, but they don’t solve for the thoughts and feelings that actually cause your behavior. That’s why they don’t last.

Think about it… What’s driving you to the bottom of the ice cream pint? Could it be more about the stress you’re feeling than the fact that ice cream is really yummy?

So how do you actually overcome those missteps and craft habits & routines that stick? I’m so glad you asked!


Healthy @ Home

Create your own new normal by implementing sustainable health habits & routines that can all be done from home.

(All while freeing yourself from paralyzing overwhelm, reliance on motivation, and rigid black-and-white rules.)

What's included?

Module 1: The NF Pillars of Health

Health is more than food and exercise. In fact, it’s not just physical. It’s mental, emotional, and spiritual too. In this module, you’ll broaden your understanding of what health is by learning the NF Pillars. You’ll also explore the interworkings of the pillars to get a clearer understanding of why you may be struggling.

Are your carb cravings a result of weak willpower or poor sleep?

Module 2: Managing Your Mind

Chances are, you know a lot about what you should be doing for your health. So why aren’t you doing what you know?

Your thinking is the root of all action (and inaction). In this module, you’ll learn the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then you’ll complete exercises to first practice awareness of this relationship and then use that awareness to create major transformation. (After all, you can’t change what you’re not aware of.)

Module 3: Habits & Routines

Turn goals into habits & put your healthy routines on autopilot. Through this module, you’ll kiss the thought of, “I just wish I had more willpower,” GOODBYE.

Learn how to insert daily habits into Cornerstone Routines that are made for you, by you. Then engage your inner accountability to get it done.

Module 4: Purpose, Values, Goals

Living in alignment with your values creates a purposeful life. In this module, you’ll discover what your core values are and why they’re one of the most important things when it comes to your health.

You’ll then go through the NF Values Discovery & Goal Setting process to put this all into practice and go from goal setting to goal getting.

Module 5: Nutrition & Hydration

Alright, this is what you came here for! Now that we've gotten some deep work out of the way, chances are you're already seeing positive changes in your nutrition. Now it's time to optimize.

I'll teach you about getting to the root of chaotic eating patterns, plus how to eat to feel your best using our Supportive Structure framework.

Module 6: Sleep & Stress Management

Ever notice that your stress affects your sleep and your sleep affects your stress? That's why we're tackling both in this module. You know this stuff is important.

Now's the time to put it on your priority list. I'll give you the guide to get it done.

Module 7: Movement & Exercise

After a day of working from home, it's going to take more than the promise of burning calories to get you off the couch, out of sweatpants, and into workout gear.

In this module, you'll learn how to create a consistent exercise & movement routine that doesn't rely on fleeting motivation.

Module 8: Community & Connection

Chances are, you're communicating more than ever... But are you really connecting? Learn the difference and take action to build a truly fulfilling relationship with your community, even if it requires a Zoom account.

Resource & Reference Guide

We compiled a list of our favorite resources and tools to help you get and stay healthy at home! This is where you'll find the books that are getting us through quarantine, plus our favorite tools for healthy living.

H@H Community Board

Need some guidance as you're filling out a worksheet? Seeking more podcast recommendations for your sanity walks? Head straight to the Healthy @ Home community board!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it typically take to complete the course?

Each of the 8 modules has one 10-30 minute video lesson and an interactive worksheet.

You'll get instant access to the entire course so it's up to you if you want to tackle it one module at a time, or take it in all at once!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the instant access nature of this course, we do not offer refunds or cancellations.

What if I need more coaching support?

This is a self-guided course that does not include coaching. If you need more hands on support for your relationship to food, we recommend you check out our Foundations program!

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